DRENAGILL30 is a formulation specially designed for the treatment of edema and chronic venous insufficiency. The choices and concentrations of the active ingredients have been studied to give a valid and immediate answer for venous and lymphatic edema. Drenagill30 also has excellent compliance (1 cpr die with one month of therapy) and a quality-price ratio among the best.
The coumarin, ruscogenina and diosmin make the DRENAGILL30 able to improve the tone of the vascular smooth muscle and to stimulate the extracellular macrophage activity with the consequent lysis of the colloidosmotic fractions that sustain the edema


Coumarin has the ability to:

  • accelerate lymphatic drainage
  • Promote the reabsorption of proteins from the cellular interstitum
  • Action on colloidosmotic component fluids that form edema


Ruscogenine is appreciated in the therapy of venous insufficiency, as it has a vasoconstriction action thanks to its action on the smooth musculature of the venous wall; it is also useful in the presence of edema, so it is used in draining products, against tired, heavy and swollen legs.

Ruscogenin is used to relieve symptoms typical of haemorrhoidal disease, such as itching and burning, and in the presence of anal fissures.


Diosmin has the following characteristics:

  • Normalization of capillary filtration rates
  • Decreased blood flow resistance
  • Inhibition of the activity of the inflammatory cascade and decrease of the capillary permeability
  • Capillarotrope and vasotonic properties