CUMARIN (5-6-Benzo-alpha-Pirone) topical and systemic therapy of IPERPROTEIC EDEMS and their complications

Dr. P.Mura (Institute of Pharmaceutical Technique, University of Florence) 

Dott. G.Lombardi (Institute of Pharmacology, University of Florence)


CUMARIN (5-6 Benzo-alpha-Pirone), is a molecule extracted from different plants of MELILOTUS, capable of acting on all liquids and in the high component COLLOIDOOSMOTICA that composes PROTEIC EDEMA with a Hydrolytic-enzymatic cleavage mechanism of all proteins stored in the perivasal interstitium and causing chronic water booster by osmosis. The mechanism of action was carried out by the studies conducted for more than a decade by the CASLEY-SMITH Pf. And before that by Pf MISLEY, it foresees the activation of MACROFAGI 1-2, and of other cells of the circulating immune system, in able to produce proteolytic enzymes capable of breaking down the macro protein molecules trapped in the perivascular interstitium and rendering them, of such small dimensions (peptides, amino acids, etc.) to be capable of easy drained from the center of accumulation towards the excretory organs responsible to their elimination or crawl back in through FENESTRATURE (endocellular spaces) of the lymphatic or venous vessels adjacent to the affected area, or by simple dissolution in local aqueous liquids. Randomized studies conducted all over the world have shown how CUMARINA, later than from the scavenger of interstitial proteins present in the tissues, also by PROLINFOCINETICO. In this case, by acting directly on the smooth muscle, the lymphatic collecting valves and promoting in this way, a strong centripetal thrust towards the upper lymph node stations can, without a doubt, favor the lymphatic or venous lymphatic process that is always accompanied by the clinical picture. linfoedematoso. CUMARIN, which is now known the LYMPHOCYTIC CELLULAR RECEPTOR involved in the determinism of the above therapeutic effect, acts after its intake and its gastric absorption very quickly (with a maximum efficacy peak 20-40 min after administration for 0S ) in the form of 7- hydroxy-coumarin, to be completely eliminated from the bloodstream in the next twenty-four hours. Only if properly tightened a carrier able to establish a strong bond with the plasma proteins can it remain in a long circulation and better implement all its more properties. Thanks to its very high lipophilicity, it is completely absorbed by the cutaneous lipid layer. In topical formulations, in fact, it is rich in fatty substances facilitates the penetration of the principle in the lower subcutaneous layers, is associated with basic systemic processes, a high therapeutic therapy for the treatment of all hypo-hyperprotein LlNFEDEMI, as proven by numerous studies published . Therapy with CUMARINA today makes use of various brands that tell the principle. Recently it has been marketed a rich in purified Cumarin (10mg per tablet) which exceeds its maximum effectiveness when it comes to a basic systemic system, it is associated with manual interventions of mechanical drainage lymph, an appropriate topical treatment able to guarantee TOPICO-SISTEMIC synergy of action which is a basic condition for the complete and total solution of the INTERSTIAL EDEMA. For the peculiar characteristics and for the diseases are always the surgical interventions of LINFOADENECTOMIA for mammary heteroplasia, in the post trauma, in the distortions, contusions, fractures, in the fibroticization of the lymphatic system, a radiotherapy and in all the EDEMI DA DISUSO.


Dr. P.Mura (Institute of Pharmaceutical Technique, University of Florence)

 Dott. G.Lombardi (Institute of Pharmacology, University of Florence