MITOFAR is a company founded in 2010 and in growing. Present throughout Italy with a network of informants. Our formulations have developed over time to produce quality supplements, but especially in medical branches of general interest. The formulations are studied in Italy and produced in accredited Italian companies. Also the choice of raw materials is made in Italy and the concentrations studied to give maximum therapeutic efficacy.

Mitofar ranges from gastroenterology with the Neosindracoll. Innovative formulation to give an effective response to a problem that affects about 20% of the Italian population in the young age group

To deal with a problem that in recent times is very felt: lactose intolerance. Our answer to the problem is Zalatt. Capsules to be taken as needed to avoid intestinal discomfort that lactase deficiency causes those who only introduce small amounts of lactose

Drenagill30 represents our response to patients suffering from I.V.C. and water retention. Complete product that acts on various fronts parche is active both on the venous and lymphatic system.

Migrenì: a natural aid for migraine prevention. Its components make it unique in the prevention or in the acute phase of migraine with aura or without, but also in premenstrual migraine. allows the patient who uses it to have relief without continuously using terpenes or NSAIDs

Clinic: the probiotic that makes the difference. With its 45 billion live lactic stopers and the 3 most important strains, it is the most innovative product on the market since it combines 100 mg butyric acid strains with proven efficacy in anti-inflammatory, regulating, protective intestinal mucosa

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Migrenì pediatric bags